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Who Am I

Born and raised in Minnesota, I seriously love analyzing data, especially optimizing it to turn a business flop into a major success.

My Mission

Help you to take your business to the next level by presenting live case studies and keeping you updated on industry news

What I Do

I specialize in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), getting businesses like yours found on the first page of Google so you can rapidly grow.

What is LinkConstruct

And What is SEO?

SEO is the practice of getting your content found on a Search engine, like Google. It is one of the most challenging, but at the same time, rewarding marketing solutions available.

SEO can be a real head scratcher for those trapped by black hat agencies and fake gurus.

LinkConstruct is where businesses can turn for proven SEO advice that works.

I created LinkConstruct to overshadow all the terrible tactics being used that can destroy a domain’s authority. LinkConstruct is a resource for all those that want good, proven information on how to increase rankings and drive more traffic the correct way.

My data-tested approach to SEO is simple, and it has helped me improve domain authority and long lasting results, helping me rank on Google’s first page on many money-making websites.

It’s every website’s dream to be found on Google’s front page. LinkConstruct is here to help make those dreams a reality. If you have a business struggling with SEO, LinkConstruct can help.

About Michael Wenneson

LinkConstruct Is My Sandbox

I struggled for many years with getting my content viewed. It all changed when I learned how to do SEO the right way, and now my content gets viewed by millions!

LinkConstruct was founded by me, Michael Wenneson, a self-taught SEO expert who learned through countless hours of trial and error.

After failing with four online businesses, I finally had a breakthrough and figured out an ethical white hat strategy that helped rank my financial niche website on Google’s first page, generating a substantial monthly passive income.

To prove that this wasn’t a fluke, I went on and created many more websites, and even started consulting other local businesses on my strategy; all of which became a MASSIVE success in getting ranked higher in Google.

I have since coined my strategy “Ground Zero”, and started LinkConstruct to teach what I have learned and continue to learn through continual testing.

"Ground Zero is an SEO strategy I have perfected and utilized to increase search engine rankings, and out perform my competition."

Need Help With Your Website SEO?

Schedule an in-depth review where I evaluate your website and give you an SEO breakdown on what you are doing right, and what needs to be corrected in order for you to rank higher within search engine rankings.